3 Free Health Seminars in June

We are excited to announce that we will be having 3 free health seminars in our office in June! Better – Results – Faster Workshop You have two opportunities to participate in our Better-Results-Faster workshop, which is required for all new patients, but also highly recommended for all of our patients! Come learn how to get… better…results…faster! Wednesday, June 10, 2020 6PM – 7PM Tuesday, June 23, 2020 12:30PM – 1:30PM ATTEND IN PERSON OR VIA ZOOM Please arrive online or in person a few minutes early. Location: Gateway Family Chiropractic, 3850 Grant Ave., STE 100, Loveland If attending via Zoom, visit:

The Benefits of Massage

There are far more benefits of massage than can be covered in one blog post. But we have compiled just a partial list of the benefits of massage. If any of these touch a nerve (pun intended), we invite you you to schedule an appointment with our massage therapist today! Top 25 Benefits of Massage Relieve stress Relieve postoperative pain Reduce anxiety Manage low-back pain Help fibromyalgia pain Reduce muscle tension Enhance exercise performance Relieve tension headaches Sleep better Ease symptoms of depression Improve cardiovascular health Reduce pain of osteoarthritis Decrease stress in cancer patients Improve balance in older adults

The Beach Body Killer

Virtually everyone wants to look better in their swimsuit, but most aren’t aware of one of the top beach body killers: sugar! Bottom Line Researches have proven that sugar is a main contributor to weight gain and a soft or bulging waistline. Wonder how? It’s simple! Sugar is made up of two molecules: glucose and fructose. Glucose is your buddy! It’s what the body uses for energy. Fructose, on the other hand, is your nemesis! Fructose is a molecule that your liver turns to fat and is a key contributor to weight gain and disease. Why It Matters When you

Gateway Family Chiropractic Soft-Touch Technique

One of the things which differentiates the chiropractors at Gateway Family Chiropractic from other chiropractors, is the GFC Soft-touch Technique. This technique is gentle, comfortable, safe and remarkably effective for infants, the elderly and everyone in between. This is one reason why so many people refer to Gateway Family Chiropractic as “the best chiropractor in Loveland, Colorado.” Come experience the difference of Gateway Family Chiropractic!

Lose the Quarantine Fifteen Workshop

Millions of Americans are coming out of the COVID19 quarantine having gained weight! Unwanted pounds can go on so quickly and with no effort required. It can take some time and effort to get the weight off, but it’s far easier if you’ve got help, and we want to help! JOIN US FOR OUR FREE “LOSE THE QUARANTINE FIFTEEN” COMMUNITY SEMINAR What: A free community seminar focused on how to lose unwanted pounds that you may have added before or during the COVID19 quarantine. Where: This free community seminar will be held at Gateway Family Chiropractic if gatherings are allowed.

The Most Effective Safeguard Against COVID-19 The Media Isn’t Talking About

The mainstream media, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the White House coronavirus task force have a world-wide audience and a powerful megaphone to communicate the most important information to the nation and the world. The information they continue to give us day after day, after day… to ad nauseam… Practice social distancing; remain 6 feet apart Wash your hands often  Don’t touch your face Wear a mask These edicts have become common place around the world. However, the longer this goes on, the more doctors, scientists and experts are standing up to voice

PEMF FAQs in Loveland, CO

As a chiropractor in Loveland, CO we offer the most advanced treatments for pain relief and physical improvement at Gateway Family Chiropractic. One of these treatments is PEMF, which stands for pulsed electro-magnetic field. This type of therapy is beneficial for a number of ailments ranging from fractures to depression. Find out if PEMF therapy would be useful for you, and what you can expect when starting this type of chiropractic care. What is PEMF? PEMF is a device used for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy as a form of chiropractic treatment. As a treatment method, PEMF applies electromagnetic radiation to

Preventing Herniated Discs at Gateway Family Chiropractic in Loveland

While every herniated disc cannot be prevented, there are certain things you can do to help reduce your risk, and if you experience a herniated disc, our chiropractor in Loveland, CO can recommend the appropriate treatment, like chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, massage therapy and chiropractic biophysics, to help you heal. Herniated Disc Prevention with our Chiropractor in Loveland As individuals age, their risk of developing a herniated disc increases. Common causes of a herniated disc include being overweight, having a manual labor job, being over the age of 35 and being male. Our chiropractor at Gateway Family Chiropractic in Loveland, CO wants to help

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Here at Gateway Family Chiropractic, we see many patients who complain of back pain that radiates into the limbs. This could be sciatica, a condition that is treatable by our chiropractor. Learn signs of sciatica and how we can help. Causes & Symptoms of Sciatica  The main symptom of sciatica is pain that radiates down the back, along the legs, buttocks, and hips. Sciatica usually occurs on one side of the body rather than on both, for instance the right side of the body rather than both legs. Sciatica pain often comes and goes, although some people may experience chronic levels
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