Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition

Proper nutrition is vital before, during and after pregnancy. But what are you supposed to eat? what should you avoid? And how much do you need in each stage of pregnancy?

What are the nutritional needs of pregnancy in order to grow and a healthy baby and leave mom with enough nutrients to function properly after delivery?

The foods you eat and the health status you have plays a vital role in the development of the baby as well as the likelihood that you, the mother, will be able to carry to full term, have a complication free birth and have a speedy recovery in the post-partum stage. Unfortunately, too often the primary birth provider, whether a OBGYN or midwife, may not have time to spend on detailing the specific nutritional needs of pregnancy, and then the mother is left to guess. Stop guessing and let Megan, our in-house functional nutritionist, create a unique prenatal meal plan for you to optimize your nutritional status and increase the building blocks available to your baby.

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Post-Pregnancy Nutrition

Now that baby is here, nutrition is still important!

After delivery, the mother still needs to be diligent in regards to their nutritional status, especially if the new mom is breastfeeding. Proper, whole food nutrition will aide the recovery of the mother, keep her energy levels adequate, prevent post partum depression, and help to maintain milk supply and high nutrient levels in the breast milk. Research has also shown that come common infant conditions such as colic, eczema, GERD and restless sleep can be linked back to the mother’s diet. We can help mom and baby achieve the right diet to make everyone happy and healthy.

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