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Chiropractic Loveland CO Voted First In Loveland

- Joshua Tilley

"Thank you so much Gateway Family Chiropractic. I am so grateful for the referral from my brother. I have been a carpenter/cement mason for about twenty years, abusing my body physically as my positions have demanded. I have been ultra skeptical of Doctors in the past due to an incident where a previous doctor in a different state was too busy to address an issue and I had a seizure as a result. I was in so much pain, my brother and my wife talked me into going for an appointment. All I can say is that after visit number two 80 % of my pain was gone. I am so thankful and grateful to everyone at Gateway Family Chiropractic for helping me eliminate my physical pain without the use of prescription medications. Truly professional, kind, caring, and knowledgeable. Thank you again for all you have helped me with, and glad you are all a part of my life now... Till next time, Sincerely, Joshua Tilley"

- Allison Turner

"Gateway has really changed my body and my life! I had 3 miscarriages in 2014. Not wanting to do fertility drugs, I started going to Gateway. Everyone was so encouraging and positive. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and can honestly say the adjustments and shoe insoles have made all the difference. It's amazing what your body can do when it's support a baby!!! We plan to get our baby adjusted, too! Also, I have never felt better. No aches or pains and I was able to take my workouts to a new level (safely). Dr. Dave and Dr. Mike are awesome!"

- C G

"I'm very hard on my body. I enjoy swimming, lifting, backpacking, Crossfit, ranching, and hunting. I've worked in the military, in wildland and community fire fighting, and as a journeyman electrician. I have been to many different chiropractors in Northern and Western Colorado for treatment. From Windsor, Greeley, Loveland, Vail, to Grand Junction. I've felt like I've done it all for chiropractic treatment from exercise, power plates, nutrition, traction, x-rays, colored glasses for adjustments, rehab, massage, acupuncture, expensive orthotics, expensive supplements, heel lifts, expensive care to pay as I go. Blah, blah, blah. Gateway Family Chiropractic is by far the best and quality chiropractor I've been to. They are beyond thorough. The staff is real and personable. You are leaving without the feeling of "Do I really need to do this or buy that?" Or "Ten minutes for that amount?" I have stopped feeling the negative reoccurring need to self-adjust my neck in a matter of two visits. For good. My axis/body is back in balance finally...and regularly. The rest of my health is again up to me. I highly recommend Gateway Family Chiropractic."

- Joe Malara

"I used to feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz every morning when I woke up and tried to get out of bed. My sleep was never restful. I always woke up with lower back pain. It would take me 10-15 minutes to get up and around and to loosen up to be able to move around freely ... It was like all my joints needed to be oiled. Since I was introduced to Gateway Family Chiropractic and started my program five weeks ago all that has changed!!! My sleep is restful and my lower back, sciatic symptoms, and other old sports injury pains have become less and less. I get out of bed with no issues and am noticeably free of that Tin Man, rusted-out feeling! Gateway Family Chiropractic was just the oil I needed !!!!"

- Karen Perry

"I came to gateway this morning because I struggle with chronic issues that I haven't been quite able to figure out yet. It was a really great experience. They really sit and listen to your concerns and they care. The PEMF has been the only therapy I've tried so far and wow I got a great effect from this treatment already. It's fascinating really. I can't wait to try more and see how this therapy, along with adjustments and anything else recommended could ease some of my chronic problems. Sort of in shock at how good I feel currently. Thank you guys for having me. I feel lucky to have found this place."

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- Christina VanderBeek

"I was terrified to go to my first appointment because I have had lower back issues for most of my life. The initial evaluation really looked at every aspect of my spine and what was needed. Instead of selling me the more expensive option, they recommended exactly what I need, which happens to be less expensive! My initial adjustment provided SO MUCH relief that I slept soundly for the first time in years. I am still in my first twelve weeks and am amazed at how easily the docs find my pain spots and address them. I am excited to see my progress through their treatment!"

- Deborah Boyle

"I have a rare spinal cord disease called Tarlov Cyst Disease. After Spinal cord surgery, then a year and have in bed and an opioid addiction, it was decided my spine was as good as it was going to get. It took a long time to kick the opioids and figure out exactly how I felt, and I started my search for a good chiropractor. I tried a few in our local area and was about to give up when in a fluke I was referred to the Gateway Family Chiropractor's. From the minute I walked into their office, I felt as if I were in the right place. The staff was very professional, always polite, and showed a true interest in addressing my illness. Then I met Drs. Dave and Mike. These guys are amazing! We laid out a treatment plan based on ME and MY pain. The individual plan, based on X-Ray and the newest technologies is working to keep me on my feet and after a 9 year nightmare, Dr. Dave has my overall health and minimized the pain to the point I feel like I can live in my own and no longer depend on inhome caregivers. This group are very professional yet maintain a sense of humour. Thank you Dr. Dave! There's little way to thank this l fantastic group for giving me back major parts of my life, but to recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their health or take care of your body."

- Gina Marlow

"I don't often write reviews, but this one was warranted. This practice is nothing short of exceptional. They conduct a detailed initial evaluation and testing on each patient to determine the root cause of your issues. Sherry is great and explains each of the tests, why you are taking them and what they are looking for. The plan developed by Dr. Dave and Dr. Mike treats the whole body and is specifically taylored to your unique set of circumstances, allowing for the best possible results. They also take their time with you, are very thorough providing you with detailed information and answering any questions you may have. The entire staff from Jordan at the front desk to the Drs. themselves is warm, friendly and really care about their patients. My husband and I both see Gateway Family Chiropractic as a critical component to our success in attaining better overall health. Thank you all, we are so glad we found you."

- Britt Kendrick

"So GRATEFUL for Gateway Family Chiropractor! They literally changed my life. After turning 50 I found I was in constant pain, had headaches and wasn't sleeping well , which I thought was due to aging and the multitude of accidents I've had over the years. They will take extensive tests and X-rays before coming up with the best plan for You and the warm and welcoming Staff will take the time to explain EVERYTHING. After a few adjustments I felt so good I brought my 16yr old Son in who had "tech neck", horrible posture and was experiencing pain as well. I witnessed his 1st adjustment and watched his back re-align and was blown away! Not only is he no longer having headaches and sleeping better, his performance and endurance on the soccer field has improved as well. As for myself I am sleeping much better, no more headaches and less pain which has consequently improved my attitude. Do yourself a favor and check them out...You have nothing to loose but the pain!"

- Brittany Marlor

"I am in LOVE with this chiropractic practice!!! Dr. Mike and Dr. Dave are the most wonderful providers. I feel like they are my good friends! More importantly, they have taken my individual chiropractic needs into consideration every time I visit. I have been to different chiropractors my WHOLE LIFE and these guys are hands down the BEST! They use these awesome drop tables to adjust subluxed areas and only crack when necessary. I am in a profession where I am constantly bending and twisting, and it is imperative that my neck and back and hips are all in alignment so I'm not having issues at work... these guys have done amazing things for me in the few months that I've been treated! Also, Jen, Jordan, and Chloe at the front desk are the BEST! They always make me feel so welcome and are SO SWEET with my two little ones whenever they have to come along to the appointments. Dorothy also gave me the best massage when I was 8 months pregnant so definitely make an appointment with her, too! Bottom line... schedule with Gateway Chiropractic ASAP and they will take care of you, whatever your individual needs maybe!"

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