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Gateway Family Chiropractic uses various nutritional supplements to enhance patients’ well-being and to accelerate recovery or improvement from illness. Supplements are just that – a supplement to an overall healthy and balanced diet.

Understanding Better Nutrition in Loveland

We carry Standard Process Supplements and Doterra Essential Oils in-house.

Our functional nutritionist, Megan Carpenter, also uses a variety of products from Wellevate, an online professional grade supplement company. Patients can order these supplements directly through Wellevate’s online portal, by clicking on the icon below.

15 Minute Consultation With Our Loveland Nutritionist!

Have you ever wondered what functional nutrition is and if it may be right for you?

Root to Rise Nutrition at Gateway Family Chiropractic offers a 15 minute complimentary visit. During this visit you can meet and speak with Megan for 15 minutes where you can discuss the benefits and approach of functional nutrition, and how it can help you reach your health goals.

This face-to-face time can allow both you and Megan to decide if functional nutrition can be of benefit for you or if a referral to another discipline is more appropriate.

Note: this is only a general consultation; Megan cannot offer any type of treatment or diagnosis during this time.


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