Chiropractic Loveland CO Team at Gateway Family Chiropractic

What can you expect at your first visit?

We will perform an in-depth consultation regarding your health history, perform a few different exams including our posture ray, which tells us what type of posture you have and how your posture is affecting your spine and health. We will also perform, as needed, X-rays. This is one of the most important pieces of data we collect as we can see the health of your bones. We can also see any abnormal curvatures or formations of the spine and pressure on the disc or nerves.

What can you expect on your second Visit?

This is where the real fun begins! Through a personalized 10-15 page report compiled from all the tests we did on visit one, we report our findings to you, the patient. You get to take this report home and keep it. After this process, the doctor will come in, meet with you and upon your consent, perform an adjustment based on the findings from the report that we have completed.

Please Know:

Our doctors do not blindly adjust. We pride ourselves on integrity and getting to the source of the problem as quickly as possible. We do not symptom treat here! Our goal is to remove the interference so the body can work the way it was designed and you can get back to your best health.

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