All New Patients Are seen at the Loveland Clinic for their initial consult

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What can you expect at your first visit?

Before you get adjusted, we will perform an in-depth consultation regarding your health history and the health goals you would like to reach. We will perform several different exams including our posture analysis, which is a window to your spine and nervous system. If clinically indicated, we will also perform spinal X-rays. This is one of the most important pieces of data we collect as we can see the health of your spine and how it may be affecting the nervous system by any abnormal curvatures or formations of the spine and pressure on the disc or nerves. The doctors will then take the time to thoroughly review the exam information to identify the problem.
  • This visit takes about 40 minutes.

What can you expect on your second Visit?

We will present and go through a personalized 10-15 page report compiled from all the tests we preformed on your last visit. You get to take this report home and keep it. We will share with you the cause of your symptoms and discuss a path and a plan to restored health. After we have agreed on the path and plan, we will perform your first adjustment and walk you through the process of the unique and specific technique that gets such remarkable results.

  • This visit takes about 60 minutes.

It is important that these initial appointments are longer so that we can thoroughly determine your individualized care. We recognize and value your time and we strive to make your visits as efficient as possible so that we can get you back to doing what you love to do.

Please Know:

Our doctors do not adjust blindly. We pride ourselves on getting to the source of the problem as quickly as possible so you can get back to your best health.

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*Disclaimer: All new patients must have their first appointment at the Loveland clinic