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For a patient with a herniated disc, coughing or sneezing can trigger sudden pain. Our chiropractors in Loveland, CO immediately addresses this discomfort by identifying the reasons for the pain. Fortunately, herniated disc patients who visit our Gateway Family Chiropractic office have treatment options that reduce symptoms while encouraging natural healing.

Herniated Disc Overview in Loveland

A herniated disc has several names. People also refer to it as a ruptured, slipped, or prolapsed disc. This condition affects any of the discs between the vertebrae of the spine.

The anatomy of each disc is somewhat like that of a donut that has a jelly center. When part of the gelatinous center manages to push through a tear in the exterior of the disc, the result is a herniated disc plus discomfort.

While herniated discs can occur anywhere in the spine, they are particularly prevalent in the lower back. These damaged discs cause discomfort by placing pressure on the muscles and nerves surrounding them.

Discomfort varies among patients. However, the most common herniated disc symptoms include:

  • Pain plus numbness, most often on one side of the body
  • Pain extending into the arms or the legs
  • Pain that gets worse with specific movements or at night
  • Pain that is worse after sitting or standing
  • Pain after walking just a short distance
  • Muscle weakness without a known cause
  • Aching, burning, or tingling sensations

Discs herniate due to several possible causes. The most common are advancing age, lifting heavy objects, twisting or turning to lift, and carrying excess weight.

Herniated Disc Treatment from Gateway Family Chiropractic

Our Gateway Family Chiropractic doctors offer non-surgical therapies for herniated disc patients. Our primary objective is finding the reason for a patient’s discomfort and creating a customized treatment plan based on both the source and the severity of discomfort and the individual’s specific symptoms.

Our chiropractor assesses the condition of the entire spine. Diagnosis follows a comprehensive physical exam and a review of the patient’s medical history and specific complaints. In addition, our doctor checks to see if reflexes are intact, whether the patient has muscle wasting or has lost muscle strength, and if there is any loss of sensation. X-rays and MRI scans can be helpful in diagnosing a herniated disc and in formulating a treatment plan.

We offer a combination of treatment options. Manual adjustments, decompression therapy, and customized physical exercises tackle back pain and promote healing. Massage therapy relaxes muscles and is helpful in conjunction with other therapies.

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Is herniated disc pain interfering with your lifestyle? Call our Gateway Family Chiropractic office at (970) 669-7620 today to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Loveland, CO. Our chiropractors, Dr. Michael Hughes and Dr. David Hughes serve patients in the Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Berthoud, and Greeley areas.

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Dr. Michael Hughes & Dr. David Hughes, at Gateway Family Chiropractic in Loveland, CO, has been serving Loveland and surrounding areas for Chiropractic care since 1987.

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