Chiropractic for Pregnancy

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when many women experience aches, pains, reduced immune function, and a variety of other changes in their bodies. These changes can make pregnancy difficult for women to manage and can add stress to the experience of being pregnant. At Gateway Family Chiropractic, our chiropractors in Greeley CO or Loveland CO can help pregnant mothers manage their pain and have a more positive pregnancy experience. Our techniques can benefit babies as well as mothers, by leading to a smoother delivery and a more healthy pregnancy overall.

Spinal Adjustment for Pregnant Women

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body begins to change rapidly. Postural changes, hormonal changes, pelvic changes and protruding abdomen can all throw a woman’s spine out of alignment. In the early weeks of pregnancy, these changes can bring about muscle aches in the low back, hip and leg areas of the body, making sleeping, standing and sitting a painful experience. The more difficult it is for the pregnant woman to get comfortable, the more difficult it is for her to take care of her own body. Many pregnant women lose sleep during this time, and some women stop exercising.

As your primary chiropractic facility in Greeley CO or Loveland CO, we help pregnant patients of the area by using spinal adjustment to realign the vertebrae and put the body back into balance. This can help reduce pain that pregnant women feel, making the pregnancy experience more comfortable and healthy.

Our Chiropractors are Webster Technique Providers

At Gateway Family Chiropractic, our chiropractors use the Webster technique for pregnant patients in the surrounding communities of Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, and Berthoud. Webster technique is a type of spinal adjustment that is specifically designed to be safe and comfortable for women during pregnancy.

Sacral misalignment can cause muscle tension that has a negative effect on the uterus, thus preventing the baby from taking proper position during pregnancy. If the baby is constrained in the mother’s body, this can lead the baby to take a breech position around the time of delivery, leading to a C-section birth.

Webster technique is a sacral adjustment that can help realign the pelvis and keep the baby in proper position throughout pregnancy. In addition to helping ensure a smoother labor and delivery, the Webster technique can help the baby develop properly and can prevent stress on the baby’s developing spine and nervous system. Use of Webster technique can reduce the chances of a C-section delivery and can help a woman have a more natural vaginal delivery.

Because Webster technique is specifically designed for pregnant patients, it is the safest and most effective technique that chiropractors are able to use for pregnant women.

Other Services at Our Health Clinic for Pregnant Patients

Pregnant patients benefit from a variety of chiropractic services, not just spinal adjustment! At Gateway Family Chiropractic, we offer the following services to women during pregnancy:

Massage therapy. Massage therapy helps improve circulation, reduces muscle tension, relieves patient anxiety, and promotes relaxation. Massage therapy can also relieve pregnant women of aches and pains in their back, legs, and hips.

Nutrition counseling. Our nutrition counseling services help pregnant patients eat right throughout pregnancy. This can help the mother and baby stay healthy until the delivery.
Lifestyle advice. We show women how to avoid injuries and accidents and how to protect their babies by making smart lifestyle choices.

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