Biophysics Treatment

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Dr. Michael Hughes and Dr. David Hughes use natural treatment remedies to help those with a variety of conditions such as posture problems and back pain caused by injury, aging, and disease. These chiropractors serve Greeley, Loveland, and the surrounding area to give the region a nonmedicated solution to issues that may hinder daily life. They specialize in biophysics. In fact, two of them possess their Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) certification, and of all the chiropractors in northern Colorado, they are two out of the only four chiropractors who are certified in this modality. See how a our Greeley CO or Loveland COchiropractors can help you today!

What is Chiropractic Biophysics?

The first stage of chiropractic biophysics consists of a chiropractor conducting x-rays to determine what spinal curvature exists. The chiropractor then begins restoring the person’s posture to relieve pain derived from conditions like herniated spinal discs, osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, nerve damage, and back pain related to poor posture. Additionally, improving posture will reduce the amount of tension on the spinal cord and nerve roots. Ultimately, chiropractic biophysics has the potential to act as a pain reliever and can increase a person’s ability to perform many physical activities and comfortably.

What Does Biophysics Consist of?

One of the major techniques used in this modality of chiropractic care is mirror image exercise. These exercises begin with an x-ray. Through techniques like traction and manipulation, the chiropractor realigns the spine. Each exercise program is tailored toward the needs of the patient’s particular issue. Some of the exercises are more aggressive than others, depending upon the patient’s condition. Once the course of the exercises are completed, another x-ray is taken to ensure results occurred. The chiropractor will also use a computer-generated imaging program to assist in the process.

Another vital aspect of chiropractic biophysics is postural adjustments. These manual manipulations of the spine do more than just correct the posture issue. They also restore nerve function in order to reduce the amount of pain a person is experiencing from conditions where the nerve may be pinched or any other way harmed. Additionally, postural adjustments help restore joint function. Improving joint function increases a person’s range of motion and also reduces pain since the patient is able to move easier and with less pain.

Postural traction is also used in chiropractic biophysics. This particular technique is a treatment that reshapes ligaments in order to correct posture.

Why Choose Chiropractic Biophysics Treatment

Although many different types of chiropractic treatments exist, this helps to correct posture in several different aspects. It doesn’t just focus on realigning the spine. Overall, this means it helps to relieve pain in more than one way. Oftentimes, the postural issue isn’t just due to a misalignment spine.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, an estimated 31 million Americans have lower back pain at any one time. Although it’s not always due to a posture issue, the stress on the bones and joints as a result of the poor posture can increase a person’s pain. And unfortunately, poor posture is common. This is especially the case since so many people hunched over their phones, laptops, or tablets for extended periods of time.

Science Behind Chiropractic Biophysics Explained

Biophysics is evidence-based. For those who are skeptical about the use of chiropractic treatment, the entire concept of it has scientific backing. In fact, it incorporates physics and biophysics. This treatment also has a mathematical connection. The science incorporates spinal structural x-rays and a computer-generated digital structural analysis that are used in conjunction with one another to evaluate and correct unaddressed bilateral weight distribution and structural misalignments of the spine. The mirror imaging aspect of the treatment addresses the issue of symmetry of the back’s structure. Neurological testing is conducted to effectively contend with nerve function issues.