How We Became Chiropractors

How the Hughes Twin Brothers Became Chiropractors

Gateway Family Chiropractic is headed by chiropractors Dr. Dave Hughes and Dr. Mike Hughes. They, and the entire team at Gateway Family Chiropractic, are dedicated to the wellness of their patients with a passion not often seen in the healthcare industry. When you know the story behind how and why the brothers became chiropractors, you can better appreciate their commitment to chiropractic care. You’ll see why they believe chiropractic is so beneficial in prenatal care, in pregnancy, through school aged children and into adulthood.

Discovering the Power of Pediatric Chiropractic

When they were children, Dr. Dave and Dr. Mike’s mother, who was a small lady, gave birth to their baby brother. He was a quite large baby, born at about 10 pounds. This combination led to a lot of early medical problems for the child and involved multiple medical procedures. He went pale, was unable to retain food or gain weight. Ultimately the doctors said the child was dying.

Their brother was finally taken to a chiropractor and after just a few treatments, his cheeks went pink, he began to eat and retain food and he gained weight. Chiropractic care saved their brothers life.

Why Chiropractic Care Works

Of course, these events greatly affected Dr. Dave and Dr. Mike and the career path they ultimately took. You see, the nerves control every cell in the human body. The body is a complex network of nerves and when a disease or injury interferes with this network, the body cannot function at 100%. They discovered that from babies to seniors, chiropractic care can help these systems work in alignment and harmony to provide wellness and a pain free life. They saw first hand, how chiropractic care works on infants and babies and it led to the creation of the Fort Collins and Loveland area’s Gateway Family Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Care with a Mission for the Communities of Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Berthoud, and Greeley

Gateway Family Chiropractic’s mission statement says it all:

“Gateway Family Chiropractic embraces the idea that humans are spiritual beings whose lives are directed by universal laws including the natural, vitalistic, innate ability to develop, heal and adapt, as long as the body is kept free of interferences. There are three interferences to the nervous system: physical trauma, environmental toxins and emotional stress. Therefore, our purpose is to correct those interferences, allowing the body to express its innate potential. We focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, call vetebral subluxation, as well as its detection and correction, allowing a greater expression of the perfection within.”

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Chiropractic care is medically proven in providing greater health and wellness. To make your appointment, call Gateway Family Chiropractic at 970-669-7620. We are located at 290 East 25th St #100 in Loveland, CO.

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