Lose the Quarantine Fifteen Workshop in Loveland CO

Lose the Quarantine Fifteen Workshop in Loveland CO

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Millions of Americans are coming out of the COVID19 quarantine having gained weight! Unwanted pounds can go on so quickly and with no effort required. It can take some time and effort to get the weight off, but it’s far easier if you’ve got help, and we want to help in Loveland CO!


What: A free community seminar focused on how to lose unwanted pounds that you may have added before or during the COVID19 quarantine.

Where: This free community seminar will be held at Gateway Family Chiropractic if gatherings are allowed. If they are not allowed, we will do this seminar virtually on Zoom.

When: June 17, 2020 at 6PM

Who: This event is for anyone and everyone in the community who want to enjoy better health, and specifically for those interested in releasing unwanted pounds. This seminar will be conducted by Dr. Hughes, DC, Co-Owner of Gateway Family Chiropractic.

Who Do You Know? At Gateway Family Chiropractic, we see miracles every day! As a result, the feedback we receive is both humbling and gratifying. It’s why we do what we do. As much as we appreciate the praise and the compliments, the best compliment we can ever receive is the referral of your friends and family.

One of the EASIEST WAYS TO REFER someone to our practice is to bring them to one of our free community education seminars like this one. This allows them to meet and get acquainted with us, and it allows us to serve and bring value to them, which almost always results in them trusting us to become a part of their health and wellness plan.

We invite you to invite your friends and family to attend this exciting and educational seminar! It’s free for you, and free for anyone you invite!