PEMF FAQs in Loveland CO

PEMF FAQs in Loveland CO

Chiropractic Loveland CO PEMF

As a chiropractor in Loveland CO we offer the most advanced treatments for pain relief and physical improvement at Gateway Family Chiropractic. One of these treatments is PEMF, which stands for pulsed electro-magnetic field. This type of therapy is beneficial for a number of ailments ranging from fractures to depression. Find out if PEMF therapy would be useful for you, and what you can expect when starting this type of chiropractic care.

WHAT IS PEMF in Loveland CO?

PEMF is a device used for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy as a form of chiropractic treatment. As a treatment method, PEMF applies electromagnetic radiation to areas of the body. This type of radiation is wholly safe, and is comparable to the electromagnetic radiation of television and radio waves.


Using PEMF therapy your chiropractor in Loveland CO can reduce inflammation and increase circulation throughout the treated area. This treatment is also used for cellular detox and regeneration, which is vital for tissue repair in healing. Whether you are suffering from high blood pressure, depression, fails fusions, or insomnia, PEMF can be effective as a noninvasive treatment.


If you have suffered a personal injury or an auto injury and you have areas in your body that aren’t healing as you would like, PEMF can aid in that process. Additionally, if you are dealing with lower back pain, neck pain, or nerve pain, your chiropractor can apply PEMF therapy to the inflamed tissue. This treatment can reduce inflammation along with pain without the use of drugs or surgery.


If you are interested in using PEMF therapy for your health care needs, we want to assist you. At Gateway Family Chiropractic we are certified in spinal decompression, massage therapy, cupping, and auto accident injury treatment, as well as PEMF. Contact our office today at (970) 660-5188 to schedule your appointment with chiropractic Drs. Michael and David Hughes.